Modern dining chairs are designed to add style and elegance to dining rooms, and make them more functional. It’s the place where the entire family gathers during the night and shares some quality time together. It is not only a place for having meals together, but having animated discussions and sharing stories and ideas as well. Since the primitive times, the dining room has been given much importance – and the right kind of furniture can also bring the best out of people.

Other than family members, the dining room also witnesses the coming of guests and visitors. Quality furniture can draw good responses and praises from them. Modern dining room chairs allow you to relax with more comfort, and make your dining area look more amazing for guests and visitors.


Top Contemporary Dining Chairs

The best modern dining table chairs are not just seating furniture. These are contemporary fashion statements which speak with volume about their owners. Naturally, you have to choose the best ones for your home. The wide range of choices can make it difficult for you to pick the best for your dining room. You need proper guidance in order to know about the factors to consider and the things to look for while choosing. Because of that go through reviews of some of the best ones to be found on the market right now. Also find out about the top things that you need to consider while you are in search of the perfect contemporary chairs.

Lucianna (Set of 4)

This set comes from Southern Enterprises, Inc. and consists of 4 classic and elegant modern dining chairs. It has a traditional, soft style and it’s dark brown in color with a tinge of beige.

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Product: Lucianna.
Color: Dark brown.
Our Rating: 45stars
Store: Amazon. Best deal.


The seats are chic and they are covered in microfiber suede. The backrest has elegant scrollwork for decoration. Each chair can support a maximum weight of 250 pounds. There are 4 of them in the set in total, and the materials used to make them are microfiber suede along with foam and metal. They have a metal tube frame, and a powder coating makes it look and feel more beautiful.


lucianna-123The set has a superlative score of 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Amazon online store. This 4-chair set has been priced right. It’s strong and appealing in looks. Most customers have mentioned that these ones serve as great replacements for older ones. The chair set needs assembly, but can be put together with a lot of ease. Many customers also have praised their build and the sturdiness has been greater than their expectations. Most of them would like to buy more of them for kitchen, and would recommend them to other people as well.

The chair set is much more affordable in price than those that are individually sold. These can easily be put together and used. Good assembly is a highlight of these contemporary chairs, and the makers are confident of satisfying customers. It seems like they have succeeded in their objective.


Although some buyers have reported that there can be some problems of staining for the chair upholstery, most of them feel the issues are not too big to talk about. There are no problems with any of the components, but in case of any issues replacement parts can easily be ordered and obtained fast.

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Leather-Look/Chrome Metal (Set of 2)

These are from the brand Monarch Specialties, and can blend well enough with any type of decor. This dining chair has a contemporary design, and a clean look – which can provide the right touch of elegance to any home. The chair comes with the promise of superior quality and amazing comfort. It has an affordable price tag due to the use of faux leather. However, real leather is hard to find and is also very expensive for most consumers to buy.

Monarch Specialties
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Product: Leather-Look/Chrome Metal.
Color: White. Black. Brown. Gray.
Our Rating: 45stars
Store: Amazon. Best deal.


The chair is covered in modern, plush white or black leather. The back and the seats are quilted and padded very well, and the material can be cleaned easily. The chair is supported on stylish and sleek chromed metal legs. The chair is offered with easy to understand instructions, which can make the process of assembly easier for most buyers. The 4 legs are numbered, and have to be set up according to their numbers to ensure a proper installation.


leather-lookchrome-metal-123The chair is very easy to set up, and it comes with nice appearance. Most customers love the appearance and like the fact that it is backed by a strong customer service. In case of any defects, chair can be replaced easily. The quality of the upholstery has been praised, and the solid construction of the frame and the legs are also praiseworthy.


The product comes without too many negative points. However, a few customers have felt that the cushion is slightly firm to use although it offers a lot of comfort. Also, some buyers have felt that the black chair set is the best one to go because other colors can be difficult to clean and maintain. However, gray or black colored are also available other than the bright white varieties.

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Milan Faux Leather (Set of 2)

The chair set is offered by Monsoon Pacific, and consists of two dining room chairs wrapped in red, blue or green faux leather. They have legs with black finish. They are light in weight, which ensures that they can be moved around with convenience. The stunning appearance can make guests and visitors feel that the set is very expensive.

Milan Faux Leather
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Product: Milan Faux Leather.
Color: Blue. Red. Green. Purple. Orange.
Our Rating: 45stars
Store: Amazon. Best deal.


The Milan faux leather boast with Pine wood frame. Monsoon Pacific has used California fire retardant foam in the construction, to ensure more durability. The black legs offer more style to the entire decoration, and the long-lasting faux leather ensures a great transitional style. Some amount of assembly is needed for the setup.


milan-faux-leather-123Most buyers feel that this dining room table chairs provide the right amount of modernity to the dining area. They are great value for money, and have surpassed the expectations of most of the customers. Although the level of craftsmanship is not as great as in high-end furniture items, these are great value for the price that they are offered at. They are suitable for a wide range of decoration and they are strong and comfy enough. These are able to compliment a wide variety of table styles. The faux leather looks and feels just like genuine leather. The high back padding ensures more comfort while sitting, something that has not escaped the attention of customers. The excellent comfort factors make these worth buying.


A handful of customers have reported that the faux leather is not smoothly attached onto the chair, and there are uneven patches to be seen at times. However, the problem seems to be specific only to a few buyers given that most of them did not have any reason for complaints. In any case, the customer service is excellent. Even cracked and defective components can be replaced quickly.

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Types of Chairs

typesArm Chairs

These are similar to dinner furniture sets, but comprising of arms. These do not slide easily beneath tables. Such types can be better for use in informal social dos where meals styled like buffet are served.


For people who like a stronger shell, plastic or fiberglass materials are used at times to develop specific modern dining chair models. These come in neutral as well as many vibrant colors. Black, bright red and white are three of the most favorite colors.


These are regarded as extremely elegant, which is the reason they find pride of place in formal ambiances. These are generally made of leather, although vinyl or some comparable synthetic material can be used at times. Black or White-colored are the two popular picks.


Leather is one of the choicest materials used for the creation of these contemporary dining room chairs. This explains why such types are extremely comfortable to sit on, and are also very soft to touch. Those which are made of a non-animal substance such as faux leather also offer a lot of comfort. The same holds true for cushion seats which are covered by cloth.

Lounge Style

These were made during the 1940s by Charles and Ray, his wife. During that time, wood veneer sheets were used by the two in the construction. Such kinds are more ideal for seating during informal social dos. However, these are not quite appropriate for placing around tables.


The popular plywood chairs, made by Charles and Ray, for the famous MGM studios for the first times are iconic. Today, these are appreciated for the beauty and practicality that they come with. These are often made in a dual-toned wood style.


As the name suggests, these are created in order to satisfy the individual requirements of users. These are made-to-measure in order to match the décor, size and shape of individual rooms. With consumers increasingly looking for original pieces for their dining rooms, these modern chairs are regarded as a great option.


How to Choose?

Modern dining chairs have long been an owner’s pride, and every owner has to take special care to check whether they match their dining tables. Today, there is a wide range of options and it can be quite overwhelming for you to find the best ones. The right chair has to be sleek in appearance, geometrically designed, comfortable in seating and affordable in price. Keeping this in mind, you should use the following tips when you choose them for your home.

Consider the design

It can be quite a plush choice to match traditional ones with a table that have a contemporary appearance, and vice versa. However, you should look for that they share some common design elements with your table. In case you have a table with a solid, muscular leg, your chair should also come with similar back or leg.

Check the dimensions

For rectangular or square table, the best dining room chairs are with a seat of similar shape. If you are looking for an armless dining chair, a standard is 22 inches. For tables of larger sizes, go for ones that are bigger and are able to match the table sizes. Do not go for ones which are less than 17 inches in width, as these do not offer sufficient support to the buttocks. If you want optimal comfort, go for around 20 – 24 inches depth.

Look at the seat height

For a dining chair seat, the perfect height is 18 – 19 inches. As a thumb rule, there should be a distance of at least 12 inches between the top of the table and the top of the dining chair seat. Usually, tables are 29 – 20 inches in height.

Consider the portability

The portability is another important thing to consider. They need to be easily moved in and out of your table. You can easily grip those having a slatted back, given that there is a space for the hand between the slat and the chair frame.

Completely upholstered or a solid back can be tougher to grab. These have to be sufficiently light in order to be moved easily, without a strong grip. Think about who will be using them. If you have elderly members or kids eating at the table often, ensure that they do not find the chair to be too awkward or heavy to move around.

Check the upholstery

You should get ones with the best upholstery. If you wish to maintain them more easily, go for faux or real leather, cotton blends, Ultrasuede or any other commercial fabric. Stay away from those having a heavy nap, such as velvet or chenille, or multilevel fabrics which can show a lot of wear and tear easily. It is best to go for artificial fibers such as Polyester or Rayon, which are ideal when mixed with natural fibers. In case you are using delicate, soft fibers, look for that if they are coming with seat cushions of removable variety, so that replacement of the material is possible. Make sure that you buy extra material.


What to look for when you are buying?

Dining room is one of the most exciting places of the home, where everything from breakfasts to dinner parties and even game nights can happen. It is the place where animated discussions are possible, whether during the morning, the afternoon or the dead of night. Here are some of the top things to look for when you are purchasing chairs.


The style should mirror the type of lifestyle you have, and you need to consider whether it will match the kind of life you lead. Whether you have a busy, laid back or moderately casual meal time, they should reflect your lifestyle in the best possible way.

Low back ones make for a casual setting while high back create a more formal ambiance. Open backed or delicately designed let more sight, and make even small sized rooms more spacious in appearance. In the same way, well-defined ones are perfect fits in bigger spaces. This applies well in rooms with any type of theme, whether minimalist, contemporary, traditional or any other style.

If you are not too sure, you may also opt for the middle way and choose simple side chairs and luxurious end ones. These will be affordable for your pockets and ensure a semi-formal arrangement which would not mar either the actual or the visual space.


MeasurementsDining sets come with varied measurements, and you need to consider that. It is quite astonishing to consider how many people give more importance to the color and pay less to the comfort factor. Given that looks can be very deceiving, you have to consider whether you would be comfortable enough in the chair and would like to sit on it for a couple of hours.

Measure the width of the dining and modern kitchen chairs at the widest point, either the seat or the backrest. An extra 6 inches is needed by chair arms, and you should opt out in case you have a smaller room. Avoid a chair which is smaller than 17 X 20 inches. Armless ones come with the maximum amount of comfort, with a depth of 24 inches and width of 22 inches.


The seat has to be a minimum of 45 – 55 cm in width, and have enough depth to be comfortable for even the tallest people. These should be 45 – 48cm high.


Dining rooms are generally busy activity areas, and need to offer more room for easier movement. Keeping this in mind, look for ones that can slide under your table very easily. There should be enough leg space, so that seating is relaxed and comfortable.

Keep in mind that most upholstered seats press down when you are sitting on them. It is better to go for upholstered or padded ones or those with inclined backrests, which can follow the curve of human back.

If you have elderly people, pregnant women, toddlers or knee patients at home, choose a minimum of one armchair for your table which can be very useful. These offer enough protection and support while people get in and out of them.


MaintenanceLook for those which can be maintained very easily. The material of the chair has to evoke the type of mood that you want to create. Wood can offer an organic, warm feel while Rattan can ensure a tropical ambiance and metal can provide lightness and sheen. However, each of these comes with individual maintenance needs.

The modern dining chairs in your home are sure to witness much wear and tear if you have kids or pets at home. In such cases, minimal fabric or non-upholstered ones can be the most perfect choices – given that they can be cleaned very easily.

Chairs with Sunbrella fabrics, cotton blends, tufted or bonded leather can be cleaned up easily. These can also look pretty attractive. Drool, food stains, pet hair and other things can easily be wiped off. However, if you actually wish to use velvet, chenille or other delicate materials, you can purchase slipcovers that can be cleaned up conveniently and even removed in case of any requirement. You can easily hide stains when you opt for dark or medium shades.

Given that wood is the most desirable material for making contemporary dining chairs, you need to keep in mind that wood can change color over a period of time – although it can be cleaned easily. However, you can promptly clean away spillages as water stains go away. The same holds true for ones made from glass, given that fingerprint stains can make them look bad. In case you are opting for metal surfaces, make sure that it can withstand rust and can conveniently be cleaned with a piece of damp cloth.

Mix and Match

You may also make the style more intriguing, when you mix up varied styles. Many people these days prefer modern dining chairs which complement their tables, instead of matching them. However, it can be slightly difficult to find them, considering that you have to spot a common element – such as material, leg style, height, style, shape or color – which makes them associative to the table in some way.

For instance, you can bring mismatched geometric chairs together while they have the same fabric upholstery or have the same color. If you like a specific color or material, you can go for ones which are available with varied backrest designs. You may also check out furniture from various ages. You can beautifully pair modern or mid-century ones with antique tables in case both of them come with legs of the same style.


stabilityYou should also look at whether they have a stable build. Regardless of the type of material that they come in, they need to firmly stand on their legs and not buckle under body weight. When you are choosing antique pieces, it is essential to consider.

Ones that are made of wood are much loved, and are as long-lasting as metal ones. Those made by skilled craftsmen use standard joinery which can last for more time. Do not choose ones with snags, splinters or glued bits. Even when you are buying a wooden bench, you have to use the same principle.


Chairs that come with open backrests are able to offer support as well as cut the visual clutter. There are plastic molded or slat back ones that offer easy grip while you are moving them around. These are convenient for pets as well as little kids. In comparison, heavy-set or solid backed are tougher to move or adjust.

Keep in mind not to choose something which cut into the back while sitting. Go for ones which are upholstered partially in the upper part, and allow picking up easily by the elbow. Buy ones which can be moved without difficulty.

You should always look for ones which can easily be moved around. For double-duty, which can be used for additional seating arrangement in the living room, this is particularly essential to consider. It can be very useful while you are using it at other rooms.


durabilityYou should also consider whether or not the material will last for a longer duration. Leather and faux leather covers are very durable, offer a lot of comfort and can also be maintained with great ease. Removable, loose covers are perfect if you are going for chairs covered by fabric. You should check the foam quality being used in the upholstered seat, prior to purchase.

High-quality padded seats will be highly comfortable as well as resilient, while low-density foam will likely get flattened over a period of time. Unless they are well-made, webbed or woven coverings on chairs for dining room table can wear down very easily.


Whether you want to choose a contemporary designer chair set or even a traditional chair set, you have to keep quite a few simple design rules in mind in order to make the best choices.

If you want a formal appearance, go for high backed ones. However, you should keep in mind that these ones take up more amount of visual space and can make your room appear smaller. If you have a smaller room, you would like to make it appear bigger. It is best to install low backed ones in such areas. The same holds true if you have an open-plan space. They can also create a nice, relaxed ambiance. Low backed are more practical for kitchens and for homes with small kids.

If you wish to create a rustic and traditional appearance, choose rattan or wooden material. These can suit contemporary rooms very well.


frameIt is essential to consider the quality, shape, design, strength and durability of the frame. It can be generally checked with a simple glance at the legs. However, it is quite possible that these are an isolated piece to the entire frame. It is essential to take a look at the place where the seat is joined by the legs. You have to ensure that the chair comes with a strong bond and a solid finish between the spots. The unit should preferably come in a single piece and not require any bond.

The frame should be strong enough to support your weight, and you should also consider whether it will be able to be supportive for even the heaviest member of your family. It is essential for you to ensure that the entire craftsmanship satisfies you. You should also be assured by the way the two big pieces are bonded with each other.


You should also remember that the finish of a chair also has a great impact on the mood of a room. Pale colored ones can reflect light better, and create more visual space. On the other hand darker plastic or wooden ones can appear heavier for the ambiance as they soak up light.

When you are choosing a chair, make sure that it matches or complements your table. With a matching set, you can make your ambiance look more formal and contemporary. Matching sets can also streamline small spaces much better.


If you thought ergonomics is only for the office chairs, it is time to think again.  Even sitting for 30 minutes on badly designed ones, not fitting the contours of the body shape can mean back pain and various other problems for the health. Some consideration about the ergonomics is good enough to consider, for avoiding health issues.

ergonomicsIf the seat is cushioned, make sure that the cushion is firm enough to provide support to the butt and the lumbar regions. The lower back area has to comfortably fit against the lumbar region, in order to offer sufficient support. In case you suffer from frequent lower back problems, it is better to choose firmer seats. The back rest should ideally follow the natural curve of the human back. In case you tend to dine for a longer period, and even sitting for extended post-dinner conversations, go for ones that come with arm rests. Arm rests can keep both your arms rested and not put undue stress on your shoulders.

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