Dining chairs are essential for proper seating arrangement for the meal time. Red, green and blue dining chairs are the most popular and preferable ones. Find out about top 3 colorful dining chairs, which can bring the best out of any ambiance.


Milan Faux Leather (Set of 2)

The set comes from the brand Monsoon Pacific, and it consists of dual leather covered in faux and consisting of black legs. There are two of them in the set. These are meant to be installed in the dining room. These are the right choice for use during meal time, but they are also versatile enough to take out on the patio to have animated discussions with friends or make seating arrangement for outside area.

Milan Faux Leather Dining Chairs
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Product: Milan Faux Leather.
Color: Blue. Red. Green. Purple. Orange.
Our Rating: 45stars
Store: Amazon. Best deal.


The blue dining room chairs and all other colors have stylish black legs, and have a fantastic transitional style due to the use of durable faux leather. They have frames made of Pine wood, and come with California fire retardant foam which ensures greater durability. They need some assembly to be set up. There is no drilling needed, given that there are holes made already. Each chair is capable of supporting a lot of weight, and even obese individuals up to 300 pounds can be supported, which makes them amazing.


They offer fantastic bang for the bucks, and provide the dining area with enough sophistication. These are excellent decorative pieces, and are quite comfortable. These can compliment tables of different styles. Although it is covered by faux leather, it looks similar to 100% genuine leather. It has high back padding, which can offer splendid comfort during meal time. These are very modern to look at.

These are properly riveted and wonderful to look at. Although assembly is needed, setting up is very easy and takes just a few minutes. They are light in weight and offer amazing seating space. The total weighs is 40 pounds, which is worth appreciation. They are long lasting and worth the expense. Given the light weight, they can easily be dragged or transported to other corners of rooms or even to other rooms.

The customer service is also praiseworthy. Any issues can be quickly resolved by contacting the customer support team. The royal blue color has made them a subject of great appreciation. The material is shiny, and the sheen makes them dear to buyers. One of the most attractive features is the fact that it can match most table sets.

The durability cannot be questioned, and the strong construction ensures that they can last for a long time. The set is offered with assembly instructions, which ensures that it can be set up with minimal difficulties. Each chair comes with proper riveting, and customers are sure to love it.


The assembly needs some careful consideration. Although it takes little time, bolts of proper length need to be used. There are bolts of two lengths. Also, there are some reports that the faux leather is not attached smoothly. However, most buyers are satisfied with the product.


Lippa Vinyl Armchair (set of 1)

This set comes from LexMod, an iconic furniture manufacturing company. It has a well-wrapped base, with only a light bubble wrap strip tossed on it. It has a beautiful cushion, which makes seating more enjoyable and lends more beauty.

Lippa Dining Vinyl Armchair
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Product: Lippa Vinyl Armchair.
Color: Blue. Red. Green. Orange. Yellow.
Our Rating: 45stars
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It consists of one chair with ABS Plastic Seat, Cloth Cushions and Aluminum Base. The chair in this set comes with dimensions of 23.5 x 27 x 33.5 inches. The seats are 21 inches in height while the armrest is about 26.5 inches in height. The green dining chairs set is 23 pounds in overall weight. Some amount of assembly is needed. These are not red dining chairs but green in color, but you can also choose red or blue or many other colors.


They are designed to lend a touch of sophistication to about any area. The chair is strong, wonderful to look at and easily cleanable. They can improve the dining experience to an altogether new level, and make meal time more enjoyable. They comes in a wide variety of colors, and can easily express personal style. You can easily find a color of your own choice.

They have a timeless appeal and a smooth organic shape. The Lippa Pedestal Chair is an iconic symbol of sophistication. This is the iconic chair which inspired an entire generation of furniture makers. The cushion has a slipcover, which is of a superior quality. It is very durable and can keep on protecting the cushion for a long time to come.

It has a base of cast aluminum and its dimensions are close to the usual specs. Every chair is well padded with vinyl or removable fabric cushions. They can be a perfect fit in modern living rooms, lounge rooms, recreation rooms and any type of space which can be decked up with an iconic furniture set. It can match just about any type of table, and any type of ambiance. You will find it amazing to have it gel easily with your own décor, and complementing the wall décor, floors and furniture items in an effortless way.

They are capable of swiveling 360°, much to the pleasure of users. The top of its seat cushion remains around 20 inches above the floor. They have a very high weight capacity, and is able to support as much as 300 pounds. This makes it perfect for families with obese members. Even entertaining heavier friends will not be a problem, and there will not be any concerns of legs buckling under pressure. The green dining room chairs legs have been built strongly, which ensures that they will keep on lasting for a long while to come. Although some amount of assembly is required, you can do it easily without any professional assistance. There are easy instructions offered along.


Some buyers have found the cushion to be slightly hard. However, this has been deliberately done in order to make room for some compression due to wearing down with time.


Modern Asbury (Set of 2)

This colorful dining room chairs set is offered by LeisureMod, and is designed to boost the appearance of dining rooms. The set consists of two of them.

Modern Asbury
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Product: Modern Asbury.
Color: Blue. Red. Green. Orange. Mint.
Our Rating: 45stars
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These have an overall weight of 10.8 pounds, and measures 21 x 16 x 31.5 inches in dimensions. When fully assembled, the seat stands 19 inches above the floor. It boasts of chromed legs which have a wonderful shine. The seat is made of robust, molded polypropylene with a complex cut-out design. It has plastic caps on the legs which can safeguard wooden floors. Some amount of assembly is needed, to make them ready for use.


They have a forest-like appearance, but can lend a touch of sophistication. Each has an exquisite cut-out design which makes it perfect for installing standalone in a hallway or entryway or around a table with minimalist design. It can also look at home when set up in sophisticated restaurants. Even on its own, they can create a nice ambiance. It can be paired with Asbury chairs with matching or mixing colors, such as black, red, green, white and orange. This allows fantastic conversations in a modern ambiance.

They are very comfortable, and do not need any cushions. These are extremely well-made and can easily be assembled. There is no need to glance at any setup instructions, given that everything is very easy to understand. The metal legs are strong, but it is best to keep them in the interior environment in order to prevent wearing due to long-time exposure to the rains.

They are sturdy and each chair has a high weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Even heavier men or women will not find it difficult to use them, and not suffer from any concerns of giving away under a lot of weight. Even bigger men and women can feel safe and well-supported once they are sitting on them. The quality of construction has been appreciated a lot, and they can feel at home inside homes as well as outside – although it is preferable to keep them in the dining area. Damages due to the elements outside should be avoided.

They are very comfortable and can offer high convenience during meal time and even while sitting outside for conversations. These have versatile appearance, which make them a perfect fit with almost any type of table. It is very easy to maintain them, and all that one has to do is wipe them in order to clean them with a lot of convenience.


Although the colorful kitchen chairs are strong in appearance, these can give away a little once you lean back slightly. There is another small issue which has been reported at times – that of the bolts falling out at times. Some models have screws falling out repeatedly. It is a good idea to use strong glue, or the hammer, in order to keep them in place.



Choosing right chairs for your table is simply as essential as purchasing the table itself. The following considerations have to be made for this purpose. To find out more things you can get into considerations read this.

  • Check the size – They need to fit well the layout as well as design of the room. They should match the shape and the color of your table. You will need round ones to go with your round table and sharp looking ones for a table having sharp corners or lines. They should also be of proper length, height and weight in order to match seating requirements.
  • Check the price – You should also consider whether the price is matches your budget, and is justified keeping its specs in mind.
  • Check the upholstery – At times, leather ones can spell doom for a room as these can get scratched or punctured easily. You will not like them to get spoiled due to spillage. Leather is not quite kid-friendly.
  • Look for padded cushions – It is a good idea to purchase cushions for seats. Good cushions are able to add stylish element. Look for a fabric ones which can add style to your chair. It should have a nice feel to it, as well as be easily cleanable.
  • Consider the seat height – You should also the height of the seat, as well as its comfort and width. The seat height should be sufficient, in order to accommodate everyone who sits on them. These should also be of a proper height according to the table. For bigger people sitting, you would like to go for wider ones. However, too wide ones should not be chosen as these can feel too heavy and look awkward.
  • Check the style – The style factor should not be considered only when you to have match them with other pieces of furniture. You should also pay attention to it when you have to match them with each other. Some of them are very ornate while others are designed in order to be stacked easily. While buying additional ones, you need to ensure that they can easily be stacked without scratching each other or getting stuck together.
  • Consider the durability – Whether red dining room chairs or green or blue ones, you would want them to last for a long time, and not break while being used. Nothing can be more embarrassing than having friends and guests sitting on a chair which collapses under their weight. You will not like to have kids get hurt due to a chair that collapses under them. It is important to consider the strength of construction as well as durability when you are looking for them.

Having functional and fashionable chairs for homes is a good idea. Every owner wants to ensure that they are perfect for their own requirements and can be stored with a lot of convenience. They need to be quite sturdy as well as comfortable enough to allow adults as well as kids to sit on and enjoy meals with pleasure.

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