These are the favorite for those who have a penchant for retro style. Go through the reviews of the following top 3 metal chairs for the dining area. If you need some guidance on how to choose then go through our guide first.


Lucianna (Set of 4)

This chair set comes from the brand Southern Enterprises, Inc., one of the esteemed manufacturers and suppliers of quality furniture items.

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Product: Lucianna.
Color: Dark brown.
Our Rating: 45stars
Store: Amazon. Best deal.


It comprises of 4 classic and elegant chairs of soft, traditional variety. They are dark brown in color with a hint of beige. The seats are made of microfiber suede of chic variety. Foam and metal are the other materials used in the construction. They are about 69 pounds in overall weight, and can support a total weight of 250 pounds. Every chair measures 18.5″ W x 20.5″ D x 39″ H in dimensions, which is perfect for most users.

The oval backrest area of these ones is decorated with elegant scrollwork. This 4-piece set has a metallic tube frame having a dark brown texture with bronze hints. The cushion of the seat is beige covered, and the color contrast is ensured with the use of short napped polyester fabric.


For most customers, these are sturdier than they can imagine. The cushions are graceful, beautiful and very comfortable to sit on. These ones are not oversized, which means these can be a perfect fit for most users. These are neither bulky nor sized more than necessary, and offer a perfect fit.

They can add variety to any type of décor. The construction is superior in quality, which has made it dear to customers. It has a strong build quality and is attractive. The dark brown finish has pleased many buyers. The cushioning, although comfortable, is firm enough to prevent backaches and lower back pains after long use. It’s great value for money and can be recommended to just about any type of customer.

Some amount of assembly is needed, but it is very easy to assemble the pieces. They can be put together in a few minutes. These modern metal dining chairs come with bolts, nuts and an Allen wrench. New users without the knowledge of assemblage might find it slightly difficult to screw the cushion to the frame. However, the process is more convenient than can be imagined. Set is offered with simple assembly instructions by the manufacturer, and it proves to be very useful for most buyers.

It has a competitive price. For people who need additional ones to keep in their dining or kitchen area, this is a great set to go for. They are gorgeous to look at, and can match most types of tables. Buyers can use vinyl in order to preserve the appearance of the wonderful suede seats. These are extremely steady and comfortably heavy not to wobble or slip down.


Some buyers have complained that the instructions for assembly are slightly vague. However, that does not mean they cannot be understood. The assembly, as mentioned before, is quite easy. There is no reason to complain about the beauty or the quality.


Plentywood Collection (Set of 4)

The set is offered by the brand Signature Design by Ashley. Ashley Furniture is a reputed maker of furniture products for the home.

Plentywood Collection
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Product: Plentywood Collection.
Color: Brown.
Our Rating: 45stars
Store: Amazon. Best deal.


The set comprises of 4 chairs, each of which come with cushioned seat. The chair is made of 3 types of materials – metal, veneers and wood. Its frame has a nice dark powder coated finish. It has a gorgeous harp back design, which complements the flared front legs quite beautifully.

These ones offer comfortable seating in a combination of modern and traditional flairs, defined by upholstery of chenille style and flared front legs. This gives a timeless feel for the dining room, and the upholstery look great in design and beauty. The chenille-style ribbed upholstery comes in a wonderful neutral color, and offers amazing comfort and texture.

Each one is 18.8 x 24 x 39.6 inches in dimensions, and has an overall weight of 74 pounds. It is able to support up to about 250 pounds.


The chair has wonderful assembly, and it can be put together in just a matter of minutes. The easy assemblage makes these ones a charm to go for. The entire set offers great comfort and the they have good weight that makes them proper for use. These are also able to support high weight, and even very obese people can be supported on them. The strong legs ensure they are unlikely to buckle easily under body weight.

The modern metal chairs have been appreciated due to their ability to match most table sets quite well. They have a sturdy quality, and seems to be designed to last for a long time to come. Although metal is pricier than wooden, this specific set comes at reasonable costs. These occupy less amount of space, and can also be maintained and cleaned very easily. The construction quality is strong, and ensures full durability. These ones have been praised for having the ideal mix of comfort and style. The size and dimensions of each one ensures high comfort. The durable build quality ensures that even homes with young kids will not be a problem.

This set has been designed to satisfy the expectations of most customers, and offer great comfort and convenience while having meals or even while having animated discussions or chats during gatherings. The material and the padding on the seat ensure high comfort, and provide the dining room with a richer appearance.

The chair has extremely solid frames, which makes them attractive and well built. There are adjustable levelers in the front section, which is a wonderful addition. These are better than most of the sets, even those that come with a higher price tag from prestigious furniture set manufacturers.


The screws that attach the frame to the cushion should be slightly longer, in order to offer more convenience. This is the only issue in an otherwise fantastic product.


Shannon Series (Set of 4)

This is a set of 4 chairs offered by the brand Poundex, a reputed furniture manufacturer and supplier.

Shannon Series
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Product: Shannon Series.
Color: Black.
Our Rating: 4stars
Store: Amazon. Best deal.


The chair set comprises of sturdy chairs, each measuring 19″W x 20″D x 38″H in dimensions. They are black in color, and have tapered seats – 16-inch in the rear and 18-inch in the front. The seats are 16.5 inches in length.

These ones are offered with gliders, which ensure that wooden floors will not be scratched by the legs. These are strong in build quality, and can last for a long time. Although they are made of metal, they are not very heavy. This ensures pulling them will not put wooden floors under a lot of stress in any case.

The metal kitchen chairs serve as fantastic replacements for wooden ones, and are elegant in appearance. The quality of construction is sturdy, and users will be able to use the set for varied purposes. It has strong, beautiful and durable cushions, robust top and sturdy legs.

The bottom of each seat is made of a wonderful material, with a low-cost plastic cover. This ensures safety for the seat material. For greater protection and safety, fancy covers can be purchased from the market and used as covering.


These ones come with fabric upholstery seat, and are inspired by French furniture sets. Although it is basic design, it can be a perfect fit with any table. In homes of a European style, this chair can be a great addition. Each one has tubular charcoal iron finish, which can make it a delight and a pride possession for its owner.

The chair is medium in weight, but can support a lot of weight – up to around 300 pounds. This makes it perfect for even overweight users and people with obese friends or family members. These ones can complement most types of tables, even oak burl tables and those that come with glass top. This ability makes it a fantastic choice for most homes with a table existing from before.

The chair has long seats, which ensures amazing comfort for users. Legs do not have to hang at the edge at any point. This is something that many users like, and you will not find any reason for complaint with the length of the seats.

This is a versatile chair, which can go beyond their use in the dining area. This set can also be kept outside for the entertainment of guests and visitors. For people who love metal chairs, this sturdy and comfortable 4-chair set can be a perfect choice. It can serve as dining chairs during meal times, and even taken outside for discussions and small party events.


A few customers have been left unsatisfied by the appearance and the build quality of the cushions. However, most buyers do not have any issues – with either the metal section or the cushion part.



Metal is ideal for retro style. When you are trying to find the best metal dining room chairs, keep in mind that there are plenty of styles, brands and designs to choose from. These stand out with their ultra-modern appearance, and have innovative shapes and styles that are impossible with traditional materials. You can find them with many important benefits, which are high on function as well as form.

If you are short on budget, it is best to go for aluminum ones in order to satisfy your seating requirements. These are lightweight, stylish and can be made in various colors to satisfy your needs. Keep in mind, however, that aluminum is a lightweight material – and it can have an impact on the overall durability. If you are concerned about sturdiness and you would want to use them on a regular basis, it is better to go for tougher materials like steel that can support higher body weight.

Steel can satisfy many seating requirements. Steel is long lasting and robust, similar to wood, but lower in cost. Such type can be made to look stylish for any type of occasion. Just like aluminum, you can pick from a wide variety of colors to match your office, meeting hall or home. Steel is regarded as super-durable and is a top choice for making dining chairs for this reason. If you are in search of a middle-priced chair, these are perfect options to go for.

Wrought iron is another great choice. These are slightly costlier than the other ones, such as aluminum, given that these are treated in a special way in order to be made rust-free. Users can add some personal touch to this kind of furniture, and paint them in the color of their choice. However, like aluminum, it also has some disadvantages. Changes in weather can have an impact on them. In the peak of summer, sitting on these can be uncomfortable. During the winter months, they can be too cold to sit on.

Overall, the choice depends on the type of budget you have, the type of décor in your dining room and of course – your own preferences. If you feel that a specific type of metal chair is the right choice for you, consider what are the reasons for your feeling so. When you are assured, you can go them and provide your dining room with the type of beauty that it deserves.

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