Chairs are a necessity when it comes to mealtime, and even during other times when you have to entertain guests and visitors at your home. Black and white colors are very popular, and here are top 3 white and black dining chairs that you would love to bring home.


Leather-Look/Chrome Metal (Set of 2)

This set comes from the brand Monarch Specialties, and every bit of this luxurious furniture set deserves that pride of being placed in the dining area.

Monarch Specialties
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Product: Leather-Look/Chrome Metal.
Color: White. Black. Brown. Gray.
Our Rating: 45stars
Store: Amazon. Best deal.


They can blend perfectly with most types of decors. The set consists of 2 chairs, each measuring 19 x 23 x 32 inches in dimensions. One weighs 25 pounds in total, and has a high weight capacity. Each one comes in beautiful white or black color.


They have chromed metal legs, which are stylish and sleek. It is covered in sophisticated, plush leather with a beautiful finish. The back and the seat are quilted and padded. They comes in a material which can easily be cleaned. They have a wonderful and contemporary appearance.

The black or white dining room chairs have a clean design, and can lend a touch of sophistication to any home. The use of leather makes them look more arresting. The soft quilted back and seat ensures high comfort for users. You can dine in style. It can support weight of up to 300 pounds, and there are no worries of buckling under excess body weight. They are just the types of furniture needed for dining areas, which require sophisticated décor.

The white chairs are of amazing quality and construction. These can easily be mounted, although there are no instructions provided with them. The assembly is easy. You have to simply attach its legs. There is an Allen wrench, which is offered along with screws, to assist in the setup process. Keep in mind that the legs are of two varied sizes, and are either 2 or 3 in number. Those, which are marked 2, have to be fixed to the front while those, which are marked 3, should be attached to the back.

This white kitchen chairs come with solid frame and legs, and the covering has fantastic quality. Unlike many other similar types, its covering does not have a cheap feel. Although the cushion is a bit firm, it is comfortable enough to sit on. Even heavier people will not experience any issues in sitting on these ones, due to the solid construction and higher weight capacity.

Set looks amazing, and can match almost any type of table that is available today for sophisticated dining room décor. It has been built solid, which means these can last for a long time to come. They come with a strong frame and legs, good quality material and an affordable cost. The reasonable price tag is a big reason why this set has a lot of appreciation.


The assembly could be a problem for some people, as has been reported by some of them. It has been reported that the legs turned out to be uneven. However, as already mentioned before, these have to be set up according to the 2 or 3 number marks. Not following the instruction can lead to a waste of time and efforts.


Cosmopolitan Deluxe (Set of 2)

This furniture set by Simpli Home consists of 2 chairs, suited for sophisticated dining rooms. It has been created to fulfill the style requirements of most of the modern homes, as well as average homes that stress on sophistication. These are not black dining room chairs but white ones, there is also option to choose black color if you want.

Cosmopolitan Deluxe
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Product: Cosmopolitan Deluxe.
Color: White. Black. Dark brown.
Our Rating: 4stars
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They have a weight of 16.5 pounds, and can support a lot of weight. Each one has black legs and measures 19.3 x 18.9 x 42.1 inches in dimensions. It can stand 42.13 inches in height and 18.9 inches in width. They are wrapped in warm satin tufted PU leather of cream color. Each piece has been constructed out of wood and boasts of webbing seat suspension.


They are large enough and can boost comfort in quite a luxurious way. If you need an attractive chair to satisfy the sophistication requirements of your table, you should get this set home. It also comes with an affordable price point, and can match the needs of budget furniture buyers. These ones are made of tufted leather, and comes with curved bottom and back.

It comes with a well-stitched exterior, and the satin cream faux leather covering is very durable. They have been designed to be altogether long lasting in form. They can be installed in dining room, and even in office, kitchen or even the basement. Each one can be assembled easily, and it can satisfy your style requirements.

They are offered in various amazing color options, such as Satin Cream faux leather, Tanner’s Brown, Light Mocha, Natural or Dove Grey linen fabric. There are also Midnight black dining chairs. These fabrics ensure tasteful and graceful appearance, and users can be fully satisfied in being able to pick a color and fabric that matches their requirements. The availability of so many options ensures that wall décor of any color can easily be matched or complemented. The set has been designed to satisfy the requirements of even the most hardnosed furniture-lovers.

The seats are extra large, and can match the seating needs of most types of people – from petite ones to obese ones – with absolute ease. There is enough cushioning to ensure a lot of comfort and luxury. They have been sized perfectly, so that they are not too big for any setting or any type of room. The detailing is perfect and accurate, and the faux leather looks like actual leather. Other than being used in the dining room, they can also be taken outside to make seating arrangements for visitors and guests in the yard or patio. However, to ensure the durability, they should better be kept on the inside – especially during wet weather conditions.


The legs of the Midnight black modern dining chairs can feel slightly uneven at times. However, this depends entirely on how they are installed. Before the setup, owners should go through the instructions and check the numbering on the legs. Once all the directions are properly followed, the setup can be a breeze and there will be no problems with the uniformity of the legs.


Silhouette (Set of 2)

This set is made by LexMod, which is simple in appearance and yet sophisticated in design. The set consists of two chairs, and the legs are dark just like in many black kitchen chairs.

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Product: Silhouette.
Color: White. Black.
Our Rating: 4stars
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These ones are simple but trendy and they comes in rubber wood frame, and boasts of dense foam padding to enhance the comfort factor. There are 7 buttons placed in the middle. The back is soft and tapered, and the rounded legs are made of hardwood to ensure strength and durability. They have an hourglass shape and the strong legs offer adequate support to it. They comes with 24″ x 18.5″ x 36″ dimensions. The cushion is 4.5 inches in total thickness, which ensures that users can feel a lot of comfort when they sit on it.


These ones are elegant and has amazing curves, which make it look graceful. It weighs 20 pounds in total, and can support up to 250 pounds of body weight or even more. They have a fantastic appearance and has easy assembly. You can put it together without any difficulty. The entire process takes around half an hour, and you can speed up the process by using a power drill. It is a good idea to go through the instructions and focus on tightening one side first before going for the other side.

They are offered with a competitive price tag. It looks chic in appearance and design, and the vinyl seats ensure that they can be cleaned up with ease. This makes it the best choice for homes with pets and kids, where they can get dirty easily. Considering all the comfort and the price at which it comes, it’s great value for money.

The tufted modern white chair has a vintage appearance, which makes it a hit with older customers. It can satisfy the needs of people who love retro-styled furniture items. It is offered with a Wrench to speed up the process of assembly. The retro look makes it perfect for traditional rooms. However, there is also a touch of modern elegance and sophistication in design, which allows users to set it up easily, even in slightly trendier settings.

They have been built to be durable enough. Although it does not have the strongest build out there, it can stand sturdy. The back and the cushion are good enough, and can easily support people of normal weight. Even when it comes to placing outside, they serves great as vanity furniture. It can be an excellent choice for homes where families receive guests and visitors on a frequent basis.


Assembling can be slightly difficult when the instructions are not properly followed and the wrong screws are used for the holes. When proper screws are used for the right legs, the installation process is a breeze. They have to be tightened up first on one side, and then the rest will fall in place easily.



When it comes to buying white or modern black chair or any other color, it is essential to consider whether they will pair or complement your table. However, you have to also think about whether or not they will be able to complement the style of decoration of your dining room. You would also want to go for ones that come with practicality and comfort, and can last for a long while. They should match the style of your table as well as the rest of the decoration in your dining area.

While purchasing them for your dining room, here is the short list of things to consider before buying. If you need more in-depth guide then check this site.


Decide about how many chairs you will actually require in your room. The number will actually depend on various factors. The first one will depend on how many diners will sit daily at the table. If you invite guests and visitors often at home, you will like to buy more. You should also take the size of your entire area and the other types of furniture already set in the room into account. You will need enough space to keep everything in.


You should ensure that the white modern dining chairs are not too wide, or there would be little or no space for the guests to move well. It is also important their height because they should be suitable for your table. The distance between the top of the chair seat and the table should be about 12 inches. Make sure that there is enough space between the backside of the chair and any extra walls or furniture placed rear to it.


There are various styles available. You should take the overall theme of the other furniture sets and your entire room, in order to narrow down your search. You need to decide how frequently you will use them and what you should use it for. Your choice would be guided by whether you would use them daily, or just a few times annually.


If you have kids at home who will use the them, you would require a stain resistant, durable brand. If you would need them for decoration, you will like to choose a ones with a more elegant design. If you would use one sparsely, you can go for one wrapped in luxurious fabric.

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